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About Us

RNC Solutions GMBH operates in Austria and Germany and is a part of Roaming Networks Group, which has a strong presence across the European market. 

Our experienced team caters for design, build, integration, and other services,

allowing clients to place their focus on what is important to them. 

Our mission is to build, transform, and improve networks.

By implementing sophisticated technologies, we want to enhance customer experience

and enable them to enjoy all the advantages the cutting-edge technology offers.

Forward is the only way for RNC Solutions GMBH, to grow through state-of-the-art technology, aiming at a more straightforward and innovative future in an ever more

connected world.


Work With Us

Providing a complete and evolving telecommunication service is a part of our job when creating a connected world. Our services and employment depend on people working together to strengthen tomorrow's connections.

Our mission is to enhance the way the world communicates.


Our Team.

Our most important resource is our people. We are productive, creative, and collaborate with a shared vision of tomorrow’s Technology.


Predrag Trajkovski

Chief Operations Officer (COO)


Manfred Kilga

Managing Director


Dietmar Appeltauer

Managing Director

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